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The 2000 presidential election and the information cost of sensitive versus
Yan He, Hai Lin, Chunchi Wu, Uric B. Dufrene
#001975 20131014 (published) Views:78
We investigate the information cost of stock trading during the 2000 presidential election. We find that the uncertainty of the election induces information asymmetry of politically sensitive firms under the Bush/Gore platforms. The unusual delay in election results in a significant increase in the adverse selection component of trading cost of politically sensitive stocks. Cross-sectional variations in bid-ask spreads are significantly and positively related to changes in information cost, controlling for the effects of liquidity cost and stock characteristics. This empirical evidence is robust to different estimation methods.
JEL-Codes: G0, G14
Keywords: Presidential election; information asymmetry; transaction costs; bid-ask spreads; adverse selection cost

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